Season 2 Patch Note

Hi Coaches!
Please find below all the changes applied during today’s patch.

Added features:

Replay feature
Post game sequence (expensive mistakes, too much spp and recruit journeymen)
Daily offer in the shop
Free Warpstone every week
Colored circles for players

Client Fixes:

Ambient sound replaces Public in sound options, more sounds are modifiable with this option
Various animation fixes
Fixed shoulder part of imperial blitzer
Fixed sound issue after reconnection
Fixed issue with navigation for in game options and emote wheel
Various enhancements for the ai
Fixed various ui issues
Added an in game button for the camera auto-follow option
Plague doctor is now available for ko recovery
Various ui fixes in spectate mode
Fixed ui issue with randomly chosen skills
Fixed issue where you coulsn’t change pages in the leagues tab
Fixed gamepad focus issue in the shop
Fixed issue where the ball would become invisible if a player failed a dodge after using fumblerooskie
Added the new apothecary roll in the logs
Fixed issue where chained dices would be rolled twice even if not rerolled
Fixed infinite loading when looking at another player’s league
Change AG3+ to AG2+ for kiroth krakeneye starplayer
Fixed black bars appearing on the side of the screen upon attempting to purchase a skill with an ultrawide monitor
Fixed issue where when a previously activated player finished its action, rapidly planify a sequence on another player wasn’t possible

Server fixes:

Fixed issue where when pushing and following a player on the touchdown zone wouldn’t activate the touchdown
Fixed crash where a thrown team mate would fall back on the thrower
Prevented from changing a team value while it is queuing in a ladder
Fixed issue where you couldn’t get more than 6 assists on a foul
Fixed issue with shadowing activating on the use of on the ball
Fixed issue where brawler didn’t activate on the second block of frenzy
Fixed issue where foul appearance didn’t matter on the second block of frenzy
Fixed issue where bribery and corruption didn’t permit to reroll the argue the call on a roll of 1
Added underworld denizens as possible ai in private competitions
Fixed issue where a roll of two ones would always fail when doing armor break or injury rolls, even with enough assists
Fixed blackscreen on reconnecting to hotseat or against ai matches
Fixed issue where a grandmaster rank would appear as master in the match reports
Fixed issue where Plague Doctor wasn’t available to change KO to stunned
Updated wizards activation to be rule complient
Fixed issue where wizard activation couldn’t be skipped
Fixed issue with limit of legendary items
Fixed various localisation problems
Fixed issue with master chef giving too many rerolls
Fixed issue where mighty blow or claw didn’t activate with animal savagery
Fixed issue with jump up into stab
Fixed issue where arm bar didn’t activate when an opponent would leap or jump over to leave the players tackle zone
Added the additional scatter on perfect condition weather for the changing weather kick off event
Sneaky git now activates when using pile driver


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