Patch note season 5

Hi Coaches,

It’s time for the Season 5 kick-off! Here is the patch note listing all the changes applied before you enter the pitch in a few hours.


  • Crossplay
  • Necromantic Horror faction
  • 2 new starplayers: Skrull Halfheight and Gretchen Wachter

Rules update – Latest Games Workshop Errata

  • Guard skill will now only activate on blocks, including as part of a Blitz Action
  • Underworld Denizen snotlings no longer have the Swarming trait


  • Fixed an issue where wrong text would appear in formation tab when creating a new formation
  • Fixed an issue where invitations to competitions didn’t appear in notifications
  • Added progress bar when going offline
  • Added an ordering by number of participants in competitions
  • Fixed various controller navigation issues


  • Fixed an issue where intensive training ui would be partly or completely hidden in some cases
  • Fixed misleading turn indicator in specific drive setups
  • Fixed an issue where the player mesh would be desynced with his actual position after a Shadowing, using Diving Tackle or reconnecting in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where the player card of an injured player wouldn’t appear whe using the apothecary
  • Fixed an issue where positional circles wouldn’t follow their players during solid defence koe
  • You can now use both Pro and Brawler on the same block action when allowed
  • Fixed an issue where 3d dices didn’t appear during Hypnotic Gaze
  • Fixed an issue where a player could use pro with no effect during a blitz kick-off event
  • Fixed an issue where Hypnotic Gaze trait is not greyed out on the action wheel when a prone player is selected
  • When using Fend, the wheel now appears on the player using the skill and not on the destination square
  • Fixed an issue where you could skip formation when pressing end turn during the ending sequence of a drive
  • The first dice roll when using the pass skill is now written in the logs
  • Fixed an issue where chained dices would appear twice in the logs
  • Fixed an issue where treeman couldn’t use multiple block after being rooted
  • Blitz cannot be activated by a rooted player anymore
  • If both players get the same prayer to nuffle, both team logos will appear in the prayers tab
  • Fixed an issue where throwing a prone team mate on the opponent ball carrier would cause a turnover
  • Fixed an issue where a thrown player that fails his landing but doesn’t break armor could not be activated
  • Fixed an issue where a player could activate a blitz a second time when failing Animal Savagery
  • Moles under the pitch prayer can now activate twice and stack its effect if both players get it
  • Fixed an issue where a ball that fell in a trap would bounce if a player succeeds it’s pickup and trap test
  • Starplayers don’t activate animosity anymore
  • Modified timers for prayers, the timer resets everytime a question is asked so players can react accordingly
  • A -1 now applies on Brilliant Coaching roll when a coach has been sent off
  • Fixed an issue where when a player fumbled a pass, any adjacent player wouldn’t be able to catch it
  • Fixed an issue where a player with Wrestle would blitz another player with Wrestle, activating Juggernaut skill even though the player blitzing doesn’t have it
  • Fixed an issue with Diving Tackle when triggered after a team re-roll usage during a dodge
  • Fixed an issue causing a ball carrier using Pile Driver skill not triggering a turnover

Known issues

  • Match UI displays Guard assists on fouls planification (visual issue only)


  • Fixed various clipping issues
  • Added missing vomit fx in gobbler grimlich emote
  • Added balls in Eldril Sidewinder’s juggling emote
  • Fixed issue where the emote wheel would overlap the dice wheel

Official ladder changes

  • The win streak bonus is now more restrictive: the bonus will start being effective on your third win in a row (instead of two, currently)
  • There will no longer be win streaks bonuses in diamond division (currently only stopped for master division)
  • The starting division of a new team will now be 1 division lower than your highest: if your highest division last or current season is platinum, your new teams will start on gold division. Platinum remains the highest starting division possible for diamond and master players.
  • TV cap is raised to 1700

See you on the Pitch for the new season!


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