15 March 2024 | Community Blood bowl 3 | 2024 roadmap It's been quite a while since we last shared our roadmap. We felt it was time for an update. Presenting our fresh roadmap for 2024, detailing what you can expect from Blood Bowl 3 in the upcoming seasons. Learn More
21 September 2023 | Community OFFICIAL LADDER SEASON 2: 2000 TV LIMIT

As you may recall from our recent Dev Point (you can find it here: (nacon.me/BB3DevPoint2), we have introduced a significant change aimed at enhancing the competitive balance within the Official Ladder. In Season 2, we have implemented a TV (Team Value) limit for participating teams.

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30 August 2023 | Patch Notes PATCH NOTE –

Greetings Coaches,  Please find below the list of changes that have been implemented in today’s patch, available for both PC and consoles.  Features for Consoles Reconnection feature now available.  Added the gamer progression page.  Inducement rework: Inducements now […]

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26 June 2023 | Patch Notes PATCH NOTE –

Hi Coaches, Need something to read while you wait for our servers to open? Well, we’ve got you covered! Please take a look at the Season 1 Patch Notes below. Features Official ladder Blood pass season 1 Manager progression […]

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17 January 2023 | Community SEASON SYSTEM

1 – Why do seasons last 3 months? Three months is the right length of time to keep the game exciting and to give players enough time to enjoy the season’s content. We really want each season to have […]

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06 January 2023 | Community DISCOVER THE BRUTAL EDITION

Become the most brutal trainer in Blood Bowl 3, and certainly the classiest! The Brutal Edition includes customization items for the Black Orcs and Imperial Nobility, an exclusive ball and exclusive cheerleader to support all teams, and 1,000 Warpstone […]

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