15 March 2024 | Community Blood bowl 3 | 2024 roadmap It's been quite a while since we last shared our roadmap. We felt it was time for an update. Presenting our fresh roadmap for 2024, detailing what you can expect from Blood Bowl 3 in the upcoming seasons. Learn More
12 March 2024 | Patch Notes Season 4 | Patch Note

Main Features The Wood Elf faction join the roster! Discover the  new Custom Team feature. 4 new starplayers: Gloriel Summerbloom, Jordel Freshbreeze, Curnoth Darkwold and Willow Rosebark New Team Templates for every Factions. Resurrection Mode is now available. Official ladder seasonal changes TV […]

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The Champions Cup competition arrives to Blood Bowl 3! This tournament will be the seasonal playoffs of the Official Ladder, organized by the Champions Cup Admins, formerly known as the CCL Admins. Until Blood Bowl 3 transitions to crossplay, […]

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04 March 2024 | Competition How to Qualify FOR the 2024 World Championship

After the success of the Season Finals, and thanks to the great enthusiasm of the community, we want to continue supporting the competitive scene of Blood Bowl 3 by organizing an official World Championship. This article summarizes the different […]

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30 January 2024 | Updates Blood Bowl 3 | Admin Tools are live!

Hi coaches,  We are excited to announce the release of a highly anticipated feature for tournament organizers: The League Administration Tools (Admin Tools).  Those tools are a set of complex features accessible through a web app, that allow you […]

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25 January 2024 | Competition AND THE SEASON FINALS WINNER IS ? 

After a weekend of intense competition, we finally have our very first Season Finals champion. Congratulations to Strider84 and his Lizardmen team. After a first confrontation in the winner bracket final, won by Diomed, the 2 players met again […]

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