15 Marzo 2024 | Community Blood bowl 3 | 2024 roadmap

It’s been quite a while since we last shared our roadmap. We felt it was time for an update. Presenting our fresh roadmap for 2024, detailing what you can expect from Blood Bowl 3 in the upcoming seasons.

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15 Marzo 2024 | Community resurrection mode

Hi Coaches, There’s nothing quite like kicking back after a thrilling match of Blood Bowl! Resurrection, a fan-favorite and one of the most beloved features from Blood Bowl, is making its return in Blood Bowl 3! Resurrection is perfect […]

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14 Marzo 2024 | Community Blood Bowl 3 on ps+

Good news for playstation owners! Blood Bowl 3 is arriving on PS+ on March 19th! This will be an opportunity for many players to discover BB3 for free and join the community. We are very excited to welcome all […]

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12 Marzo 2024 | Patch Notes Season 4 | Patch Note

Main Features The Wood Elf faction join the roster! Discover the  new Custom Team feature. 4 new starplayers: Gloriel Summerbloom, Jordel Freshbreeze, Curnoth Darkwold and Willow Rosebark New Team Templates for every Factions. Resurrection Mode is now available. Official ladder seasonal changes TV […]

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