11 Giugno 2024 | Community BLOOD PASS SEASON 5 – NECROMANTIC HORRORS With Season 5, a new Blood Pass has been released, comprising 50 tiers of rewards to unlock throughout the season. Each match, either solo or multiplayer, grant XPs to unlock the next tier of rewards automatically. Free tiers are [...] Leggi altro
11 Giugno 2024 | Patch Notes Patch note season 5

Hi Coaches, It’s time for the Season 5 kick-off! Here is the patch note listing all the changes applied before you enter the pitch in a few hours. Features Crossplay Necromantic Horror faction 2 new starplayers: Skrull Halfheight and […]

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12 Marzo 2024 | Patch Notes Season 4 | Patch Note

Main Features The Wood Elf faction join the roster! Discover the  new Custom Team feature. 4 new starplayers: Gloriel Summerbloom, Jordel Freshbreeze, Curnoth Darkwold and Willow Rosebark New Team Templates for every Factions. Resurrection Mode is now available. Official ladder seasonal changes TV […]

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15 Dicembre 2023 | Patch Notes Season 3 – Patch Note

Hi Coaches, Please find below the full Patch Note of Season 3 : Main Features * New faction * Match, player and team statistics pages * Inducement phase UI rework: added information on opponent’s team ranking and roster * […]

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14 Novembre 2023 | Patch Notes Season 2 Patch Note

Hi Coaches! Please find below all the changes applied during today’s patch. Added features: Replay feature Post game sequence (expensive mistakes, too much spp and recruit journeymen) Daily offer in the shop Free Warpstone every week Colored circles for […]

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10 Ottobre 2023 | Patch Notes Patch note

Ingame Shop Lizardmen are now available in the ingame Shop Menu Enhancements Fixed an issue that could prevent using pagination system when using a controller in the Activities menus Fixed an issue that could result in a loss of […]

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