27 marzo 2024 SEASON 4: WOOD ELF

THE ATHEL LOREN SEASON Watch trailer THE WOOD ELVES Wood Elf teams are incredibly popular, as they’re known to put on an impressive show – they’re just as likely to (literally) dance circles around their rivals as they are […]

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11 diciembre 2023 SEASON 2 : UNDERWORLD SEASON

UNDERWORLD SEASON Watch trailer THE UNDERWORLD DENIZENS Underworld teams, big consumers of warpstone infusions and mushrooms from the remotest parts, welcome Goblins, Skaven, Trolls, Rat Ogres and Snotlings. These outcasts take their revenge on life by humiliating the richest […]

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24 octubre 2023 SEASON 3 : SHAMBLING SEASON

SHAMBLING SEASON Watch trailer THE SHAMBLING UNDEAD Representing the traditionalist class of necromancy, these teams pick their players from the cream of the beyond, especially a thousand year-old Mummies, whitened Skeletons and starving Ghouls. And yet, they do not […]

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17 octubre 2023 SEASON 1 : LIZARD SEASON

LIZARD SEASON Watch trailer THE LIZARDMEN It is said that Lizardmen have been playing Blood Bowl for more than 8,000 years. On the pitch, each caste contributes its expertise and natural talents. An example of concord and team spirit […]

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