Hi Coaches, Need something to read while you wait for our servers to open? Well, we’ve got you covered! Please take a look at the Season 1 Patch Notes below.


Official ladder Blood pass season 1 Manager progression Distinctive team colors option Dugout visual customizations Reconnection feature (PC only atm)


  • Fixed various clipping issues affecting players.
  • Corrected the alignment of Disturbing Presence visual with the pitch.
  • Added physics to certain player outfits.
  • Refined various animations for improved quality.
  • Resolved an animation issue when a player is stopped by the Tentacles skill.
  • Fixed an issue with Willow Rosebark spilling blood while idle.
  • Rectified the cheerleader ribbon particles.
  • Addressed the double appearance of the Zap! visual effect.
  • Resolved animation and various minor issues related to the Throw Team Mate skill.


  • Resolved the issue of missing competitions tabs icon.
  • Fixed the error message that appeared when a user canceled a checkout operation while purchasing an item.
  • Fixed the inability to view the password button in competitions and leagues.
  • Clicking on a team in a competition now correctly redirects to the team management screen.
  • The UI now instantly updates when purchasing a skill.
  • Fixed the problem where team lists encroached over the left menu on competition screens.
  • Modified the registered teams screen in ladder competitions.
  • Addressed the issue of certain league parameters resetting themselves without saving.
  • Fixed the problem with frog skills not being updated.
  • Resolved the issue where ended and full competitions still appeared in the join competition section.
  • Fixed the problem where the tutorial wasn’t marked as completed when it was.
  • Added a confirmation pop-up when exiting the option menu using the menu shortcut.
  • Added competitions status feedback when hovering over competition tiles in the menu.
  • Improved the competition menu UI, including registered team, ranking, and overview screens.
  • Fixed various minor menu navigation issues.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent competitions from ending in certain cases.


  • Resolved the crash issue related to Disturbing Presence.
  • Fixed a softlock that occurred when the AI team attempted to re-roll on dodge and catch.
  • Addressed various softlocks that occurred during timefreezes.
  • Fixed the issue where no choice was indicated in the wheel for opponent view in certain cases (Skill/Team reroll).
  • Fixed the problem with player aura being visible in the dugout.
  • Resolved the issue where intensive training blocked controls with a controller if it was behind another player.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred on interception after a pass team re-roll.
  • Fixed the issue with formations not being usable in certain cases.
  • Added the ability to manually activate sequences in the tutorial.
  • Fixed the problem of dice appearing on top of the zapped player.
  • Resolved the issue where throw team mate or pass actions were cancelled when planning a complex sequence.
  • Added an icon for hidden skills above players in a match when too many skills need to be displayed.
  • Fixed the impossibility to perform an automatic foul when manually activating a blitz beforehand.
  • Added Treacherous trapdoor roll as intermediate rolls.
  • Fixed the hardlock that occurred when a timeout was followed by a timefreeze.
  • Added blitz sequence as default when planning a Projectile Vomit action with a prone player.
  • Improved the behavior of the controller free cursor.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent skills from being displayed over player models during a match.
  • Made minor improvements to the match modifiers pop-up, including improved navigation, updated icons, and tiles.
  • Fixed an interaction between dodge and shadowing skills that could lead to player desynchronization.
  • Fixed an issue during crowd surf cinematics that showed the wrong inflicted injury.
  • Fixed visual issues during the set-up phase when quickly swapping two players multiple times.
  • Fixed navigation issues in the wheel when using a team re-roll on chained dice.
  • Fixed an issue where pass rolls resulting in less than 1 (after modifiers) did not result in a wildly inaccurate pass.
  • Fixed an issue causing tackle zones to disappear in some cases.
  • Improved the UI for Safe pair of hands skill.
  • Fixed Dodge and Surefeet triggering even if it’s not the player’s turn (e.g., during a Blitz KOE).
  • Fixed Shadowing not canceling the block, chainsaw, or stab action part of a blitz sequence.
  • Fixed Fireball hitting non-standing players.
  • Fixed the issue where players did not keep SPP Gained during a match if transformed into a frog.
  • Fixed thrown players not being able to be activated after a failed landing, even if they were not stunned or removed from the pitch.
  • Fixed the Safe pair of hands skill not activating in certain cases.
  • Fixed a hardlock that occurred when attempting to perform a Throw Team Mate with a player with no pass ability.
  • Fixed the possible loss of Dedicated Fans on draws.
  • Fixed Failing A Dodge Following A Fumblerooskie making The Ball Bounce.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Blitz Kick-Off Event to be played again when a Touchback was triggered after a turnover.
  • Fixed Rush skill during a Blitz.
  • Fixed Foul Appearance triggering on Fouls.
  • Fixed OnTheBall Sequences not being cancelled in case of a failed Dodge/Jumpover.
  • Fixed Failing a move not finishing the OnTheBall phase.
  • Fixed Casualty not being applied to a player if a Manager Leaves/Concedes the Game during An Apothecary Question.
  • Prevented round robin competitions with an odd number of participants from finishing a day too early.
  • Fixed Thick Skull interaction with MightyBlow+2 and DirtyPlayer+2.
  • Fixed the ability to perform a second block with frenzy while not having anymore movepoints/rushs


  • Modified the blitz sound.
  • Added a new sound option for crowd volume.


  • Implemented multiple localization fixes.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented updating part of the menu texts when changing to another language.
  • Addressed various AI issues.
  • Fixed various issues with ultra-wide screen compatibility.
  • Updated compatibility for different resolutions.
  • Fixed the issue where the «Call in An Experienced Professional» achievement was not unlocking.
  • Clicking on the active team widget in the ranking page now leads to the Registered Teams page.
  • The official ladder tile in the Official Competition menu now has a specific hover state to prevent overlapping information in the tile, as seen in private competitions.
  • Fixed an issue in the ranking page of the official ladder that sometimes displayed 11 players instead of 10 per page.
  • Fixed an offline issue where old teams could not change their customization.
  • Fixed a localization issue with the «lvl» text in the manager menu.
  • Improved the format of the official ladder description text.
  • Improved the sheared textures in the active team widget to reduce aliasing.
  • Increased the XP bar progress animation speed by four times.
  • Fixed an issue where players were slightly floating or experiencing leg shaking in the dugout after a crowd surf.
  • Players now correctly face the touchdown line when pushed by another player during a block.
  • Pitch actors are no longer visible through the dice wheel.
  • Made multiple menu improvements for visuals when loading a page, eliminating placeholder values/colors or empty pages in multiple menus.
  • Implemented numerous localization fixes.
  • ALL inducement tiles now update correctly according to cost and the number bought when purchasing any item.
  • Added characteristic icons in-game and out-of-game.
  • Changed the tooltip icon for the Pitch Surface to the most recent one.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in clumsy double-clicking when clicking very fast.


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