1 – Why do seasons last 3 months?

Three months is the right length of time to keep the game exciting and to give players enough time to enjoy the season’s content. We really want each season to have its own identity. This means strong, impactful new content that gives a real sense of a fresh experience.

It’s also important to consider the impact on the competitive environment that fresh or updated content, such as a new Faction or new Star Player, can bring.

2 – The Blood Pass

The Blood Pass will be linked to a season and its content will change every three months as well.
There are two versions of the Blood Pass:

a) The free version of the Blood Pass will allow you to unlock cosmetic rewards during the season for playing matches and the Faction of the Season for free if you complete the Blood Pass.

b) The paid version can be bought at any point during a season, and it allows you to instantly get the Faction of the Season and even more cosmetic rewards.

Note that the Blood Pass is retroactive, which means you can upgrade it at any time during the season and immediately get the rewards you would have unlocked with your playtime.

Also, each tier of the Blood Pass requires the same amount of experience (XP). It does not become more “grindy” as you progress.

3- Warpstone

Warpstone is the in-game currency. You can earn Warpstone by playing the game, as a reward for certain Blood Pass tiers, by leveling up, or by buying it directly.

With Warpstone you can buy cosmetic items in the shop, use it to buy the Blood Pass, and acquire factions from previous seasons.

4 – How do you progress through the Blood Pass tiers?

Our goal is to reward everyone for playing Blood Bowl the way they want to. All the main game modes (campaign, VS AI, official or private competitions, etc.) will allow you to gain Blood Pass XP, as all regular Blood Bowl actions in matches (passing, blocking, dodging, scoring) will grant Blood Pass XP.


5- Items from previous seasons

After a season ends, you will have another chance to get the Blood Pass items from that season. We want to give you the chance to acquire the cosmetic items you want.

This goes without saying, but the same logic applies to the Faction of the Season. You will always be able to obtain all the Factions that are playable in the game.

6- The competition

There will be an official ladder based on an Elo system in which everyone can compete. Each season the ranking will be reset, and you will get rewards according to your performances. This is the model we have chosen for Season 1. We will watch how well it works with the goal of improving the model for future seasons.

We will not go into too many details right now as the competitive aspect deserves a dedicated news post, which we will address in the future.

7- What about crossplay?

This a probably one of the most asked questions. Simply put, we are still working on it. It’s very unlikely that crossplay will be available at launch, but we will implement it as soon as possible.


8- Monetization:

Our goal is clear: We want to create an economic environment that will support the game for years and which allows us to develop new features and events, and keep the game relevant with new content.
We are committed to offering options that you won’t feel you need to buy to fully play the game. Excluding the new faction added each season, a player buying the base game will always have access to every mode and all gameplay content from day 1 to the end.

Also, we can already tell you that Blood Bowl 3 will be cheaper than the previous Blood Bowl games at release. The base game will be priced at $/€29.99 on PC.

That’s all for today! We hope it gives you the details you were looking for. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comments. There are still many topics to discuss about BB3, the single-player campaign, the different modes, the competition, new features, and the factions themselves… Expect more info before February 23, 2023!


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