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16 July 2024 | Updates Cross Play: What you need to know As Blood Bowl 3 continues into its exciting Season 5, players are now enjoying the benefits of the recently introduced cross play feature. This update enhances matchmaking by pooling a larger player base, resulting in faster queue times and […]

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Blood Bowl 3 is a turn-based fantasy sports strategy game that combines the excitement of American football with the unpredictability of the Warhammer universe. As the coach of a diverse team of fantastical races, including humans, elves, orcs, and more, players engage in brutal and chaotic matches where strategic decision-making is crucial.
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Disorder Black Orc
Black Orcs are capable of strategy while presenting an exceptional talent for melee combat. However, never ask them to tell a joke: their special sense of humour might prove fatal for you.
Order Eleven Union
For the Elves, players of the Elven Union are avant-gardist. Not only do they pay no heed to long-standing animosities between their respective peoples but, in addition, they sport ever more audacious combinations of colours and hair styles.
Chaos Nurgle
Followers of Nurgle proudly display the gifts from their god, be they mutations or contagious diseases. Vomiting, tentacles, big white spots that are really painful… They choose a life of suffering in order to become the best players of Blood Bowl.


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