The round 2 of the Play-In just finished, the winners of the 1-0 matches are now qualified for the play-off match and guaranteed to not play against each others.  Find the round 2 results below:  

Players in 1-0 who won their match are already qualified : Elyod, kolianxxxxxx, Smilzo, Galentio, diomed, andydavo, Ashrame, Calltroop, Gabillas, olivier du lac, Hiru, Bourpif, Plotinus, Br1ght

Whereas players in 0-1 who lost their matches are definitively eliminated from the competition. 

Now it’s time for round 3, where the 1-1 players will face each other for their last chance to join the play-off match. Please find the list of the matches below:  

Players who win their match are qualified for the play-off match. Players losing are eliminated. 

The play-off match will then take place between the 5th and the 7th of January, as the decisive confrontation to join the Season Final, , regrouping the 16 best players Blood Bowl 3. 

This round is freely streamed by the content creators, watch them live on Twitch !  


The round 1 of the Play-In just finished, please find the results of the confrontations below:  

Players who are 1-0 will play against each other, and the same will occur for 0-1 players. Please find the result of the draw below. 

In this round, 1-0 players that win will be directly qualified , and are guaranteed to not play against each other in the play-off match.   

1-0 players that lost will have to play a round 3 against other 1-1 players. 

0-1  players that win will also join the round 3 and play against other 1-1 players to get to the play-off match.  

And finally, 0-1 players that lose will be eliminated from this tournament. 

The Play-In is freely streamed by content creators, watch them live on Twitch!


The Play-in just started, and the 56 qualified coaches will play up to 4 matches each depending on their results. 14 of them will qualify for the Season Finals, . The top 2 players of the Official Ladder of the Season 2 are already qualified: Artemis Black, and Crystal_Hunter.  

Find below the list of players by regions competing in the Play-in of the Season Finals. 

Unlike the Season Finals that will get an official broadcast on Twitch, the Play-In are streamed directly by players and content creators. Check their live if you would like to see one of the matchs!

The Season Finals, regrouping the 16 best players of the season on Blood Bowl 3 will then begin on the 13th of January. 

See you on the pitch! 


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