Season 4 | Patch Note

Main Features

The Wood Elf faction join the roster!
Discover the 

new Custom Team feature.

4 new starplayers: Gloriel Summerbloom, Jordel Freshbreeze, Curnoth Darkwold and Willow Rosebark

New Team Templates for every Factions.

Resurrection Mode is now available.

Official ladder seasonal changes
TV Cap Adjustment: Season 4 introduce a new TV Cap in the Ladder set at 1.6M TV.
Random skills cost is back to half TV for this season.


  • Friend request notifications vanish automatically after acceptance.
  • Added a button to jump directly to the blocked team after post-game sequences, streamlining matchmaking.
  • Fixed various issues with filters in competitions, matches, live, and replay screens.
  • Experience bars fill up faster, and team management options are more accessible.
  • Moved the delete team button to the bottom of the team page.
  • Receive confirmation when a team is removed from a competition and an experienced badge highlights seasoned teams.
  • Added an experienced badge on teams tiles in the menu.
  • Added tooltips on some competition parameters.
  • XP gains on match report screens will now be hidden when irrelevant.
  • Player value and Team value now have different UI icons.
  • Changed Play and Manager menus tabs orders.
  • Added a shortcut to team management when launching a match is blocked by TV limit pop-up.


  • Actions can now be planned from the player performing them.
  • Fixed an issue where the apothecary wheel wasn’t visible or accessible after a crowd surf.
  • Role and selection circles now update only after the sequence is finished.
  • Corrected instances where incorrect feedback would appear when the opponent could use “on the ball”.
  • Resolved an issue with incorrect passing UI during blizzards.
  • Fixed a bug where the “throw teammate” action didn’t activate when required to move closer to the thrown player.
  • Added missing feedback on assists for fouls.
  • Diving catch is now rule compliant.
  • Fixed some armor break cutscenes still not activating at the right time.
  • Addressed an issue where a chainsaw foul was not possible from a prone position.
  • Added a dice log entry when the “masters of undeath” special rule activates.
  • Fixed an issue where the free concede popup also appeared on the opponent’s screen.
  • Resolved a controller navigation issue when the emote was opened simultaneously with a dice wheel.
  • Fixed issue where starplayers and mercenaries skills weren’t hoverable during inducements.
  • Corrected an issue where rush wasn’t rolled when using stab or vomit after using all movement allowance (MA), ensuring proper game mechanics.
  • Foul appearance now activates when a player is targeted by “Hypnotic Gaze”.
  • Addressed an issue where long bomb and long pass UI would appear on a throw teammate (TTM) sequence.
  • Added feedback showing if a team has been removed from a competition.
  • Fixed grandstand cinematic playing twice when a touchdown occured.
  • Fixed an issue where “End of Confusion” would appear in the dice log at the end of a drive after a touchdown.
  • In the match modifiers pop-up, the prayers to nuffle tab will now show which team rolled which prayer
  • Fixed issue that could prevent MVP to be displayed on match report screen.
  • Player will now be automatically selected during interception, tentacles and shadowing question if only one if available.
  • Fixed an issue causing selection circle to remain visible after moving a player.
  • Fixed an issue that could trigger end of match cinematics before last action was played.
  • Fixed a rare crash due to an interaction between blitz, dumpoff and on the ball.
  • Chainsaw modifier now also applied on attacker down.
  • Quick snap kick-off event does not end automatically anymore.
  • TTM can now be planified and executed when thrower is not next to the target.
  • Diving catch is now rule compliant.
  • Diving tackle is now rule compliant.
  • Fixed pile driver rolling armor roll twice.
  • Fixed assist ui on a guard skill obtained with intensive training.
  • Turnover is now caused when failing chainsaw.
  • Added multiple block in the dice log.
  • Fixed an issue preventing to move a player after blitz vomiting.
  • Allow hypnotic gaze planification while prone.
  • Secret Weapons removal are now done before Sweltering Heats effects at the end of a drive.
  • Fixed issue where frenzy didn’t activate on a player who took root.
  • Turnover does not occur anymore on an animal savagery failure during a blitz KOE.
  • Bribe can now be use multiple time for the same Foul/Secret Weapon.
  • The turn of a Player who used Safe Pass is now ended on a fumble even with Running Pass.
  • Juggernaut does not prevent from using Stand Firm during a Chain Push anymore.


  • Fixed issue with drop animation with fumblerooskie.
  • Resolved the problem where timer sound effects could continue during the end-of-match cutscenes.
  • Addressed the issue where multiple dice could stack upon each other.
  • Fixed several minor animations issues.
  • Fixed several minor clipping issues.
  • Updated the contrast on nebula dice for improved visibility.
  • Resolved the issue where the death banner would appear in the armor break cutscene when regeneration activated.
  • Fixed several animations issues involving big guys falling.


  • Various minor ai improvements.
  • Added small delay to AI choices to improve readability when chosing from a wheel.
  • Improved feedback when AI is thinking.

Replay and spectating

  • Fixed an issue during replays that could display twice the HUD.
  • Invitations to competitions or matches can now be accepted from replay or spectator mode.
  • Fixed controller issue during replays.
  • Fixed issue where main menu button didn’t work in replays where one player conceded during the inducements.
  • Fixed issue where replay mode would play incorrectly if the first half ended on a turnover action.
  • Wizard ui doesn’t activate during replays anymore.

Admin Tools

  • Automatic advancement -> Set the competition round to automatically go to next round if all matches have been played (except ai).
  • Allow registrations -> allow players to join your competition
  • Allow ticket offers -> allow invitations for this competition to be sent
  • Automatic match validation -> If set to no, the admin will need to validate each matches before the competition can carry on.
  • Allow custom team -> allow registration of custom teams in this competition
  • Allow experienced team -> allow registration of experienced teams in this competition
  • Replace removed teams by ai -> replace automatically diqualified teams by ai
  • Prevent match start above value -> Prevent matchmaking when the team TV is above a certain value
  • Random skill nerf -> Activate or not the nerf to random skills (same TV as chosen skills)
  • No pre game prayers -> Deactivate prayers due to difference in TV
  • Exhibition prayers -> Set prayers to nuffle to exhibition style (only first half)
  • Change team staff -> Add or remove staff members to teams
  • No KOE -> Disable kick off events
  • Change timers -> Change the timers of the competition


  • Addressed various controller focus issues for improved usability.
  • Resolved multiple localization issues throughout the game.
  • Fixed an issue where accessing offline mode before closing the main menu tutorial prompt caused the offline screen to be unresponsive when using a controller.
  • Rectified the problem of currency appearing in euros in countries where it shouldn’t.
  • When starting a new bloodpass, the first item focused is now the new team.
  • Fixed controller navigation on sorting switches on the live or history tabs for smoother browsing.
  • Resolved a crash issue that occurred when spamming pause and options bar buttons.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the right joystick would also change the distinctive colour option.
  • Stunned inflicted and Inflicted casualties statistic now increments correctly.
  • Fixed Lizardmen Skink Runner skill categories.
  • A player with No Hands cannot get the Diving Catch skill anymore.
  • Corrected an issue that sometimes prevented a 2,000 SR in the official ladder from triggering the Grand Master ranking, ensuring accurate ranking progression.

See you on the pitch for a brand new season!


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