With Season 4, a new Blood Pass has been released, comprising 50 tiers of rewards to unlock throughout the season . Each match, solo and multiplayer, grant XP points to unlock the next tier of rewards automatically.

Free tiers are available to all players . For instance, on tier 3, you will unlock a Dwarf lineman body customization even without purchasing the premium Blood Pass. 

If you decide to unlock the premium Blood Pass though, you will instantly acquire the Wood Elf faction and guarantee a reward at each tier. Remember, you accumulate XP points in every match, even if you have not unlocked the premium Blood Pass yet. So, if you choose to activate it later in the season, you’ll instantly receive all premium rewards from previously validated tiers.

Many items can be unlocked through the Season 4 Blood Pass, including Custom Dice, the Wood Elf Coach, Ball, Cheerleaders and Pitch, all usable with any faction. Not all elements are linked to the Wood Elf faction though, you will also find Rare and Epic items to customize players from other factions!


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