Dev Point : Blood Bowl 3 Competitive Scene

Hi Coaches,

What a couple of weeks we just had with the Season Finals – it was truly amazing. Now seems like the perfect time to tell you more about the competitive scene. Also, we kind of promised it on the stream, so here we are.

Blood Bowl is all about competition. Our ambition is to create, with the community, the best competitive scene ever seen in a Blood Bowl game. Blood Bowl 3 is played competitively worldwide by numerous fans, and we aim to bring all those people together. It has started with the Season Finals, and we wish to continue pushing in this direction.

If you’ve followed the game over the last year, you might already know that we started with the Official Ladder, a classic competitive ladder allowing players to climb and reach their own objectives. This has two goals:

  • Everyone can play games that matter at their own level, achieve their own goals, and be rewarded for it.
  • The very few in the top divisions, the best players of the game, can fight for the first ranks as well as qualify for upcoming events.

We also aim to bring together the competitions organized every year on Blood Bowl 3, giving the opportunity to qualify for an annual World Championship through different formats. So all kinds of players can compete the way they love and at the rhythm that suits them.

Official Ladder: In-game, same rules for everyone, available throughout seasons. Quite straightforward.

Official Ladder Play-Offs: Takes place after each season to let the top players end in apotheosis with a high level tournament. It will start at the end of the Season 3 for PC, and will be for all platform once the game become cross-play. The organization is given to the Champions Cup administrators, formerly known as the CCL on Blood Bowl 2.

Supported Competitions: Tournaments with different sets of rules handled by trusted and recognized organizations in the Blood Bowl community. Most important leagues, tournament organizers and communities are all subject to get the “supported competition” status on some of their tournaments.

If you are running such organization and would like to integrate the official circuit this year,

 please send us an e-mail at before February 15th to discuss it.

All of the above will provide rewards and qualification tickets to our annual event.

Blood Bowl 3 World Championship: An official competition with limited tickets, bringing together the best players of the year, who successfully qualified through different seasons and tournaments. This competition will have a format comparable to the Season Finals we just organized, with various improvements after we analyze this intense tournament.

With this format, we believe we can elevate the competitive scene of Blood Bowl 3 to the next level, providing:

  • Various ways to qualify, for various kinds of players
  • Competitions with stakes at various times of the year
  • A yearly major event to crown the World Champion of the year and provide an exciting tournament for the community to follow

We’ve made tests with the Ladder, and we believe we are moving in the right direction. We’ve rebalanced the Random Skills, adjusted SR gain and loss as well as win streaks to make it as enjoyable as possible at every level. We are still monitoring it and will make changes in the future to pursue our goal of creating the most enjoyable competitive experience. We’ve introduced a TV cap for Season 2, and we changed this cap in Season 3 Ladder, to add variety and to try to find perfect balance. We might continue to regularly change the TV cap, so every season is different, giving everyone a chance to compete in their favorite format at some point.

The advanced administration tools are a set of complex tools aimed at giving tournament administrators the power to create and administrate tournaments with specific formats and sets of rules. We’ve been testing the Admin Tools for a while, and now have reached what we consider is a beta state. We will release them, and will continue to work closely with admins from the community, considering their feedback, to ensure we add all the tools they need to organize competitions.

We’ve initiated our first « live » test with the first NAF Tournament a few months ago. It has been highly beneficial to witness live conditions and needs, allowing us to identify areas for improvement and valuable insights.

We would also like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the NAF administrators who have assisted us in this endeavor. Taking this leap was not easy, requiring patience and effective communication. Their efforts have significantly contributed to the positive developments of the Admin Tool, as demonstrated by the successful management of the NAF Tournament, a supported competition that allowed 2 players to qualify to the Season Finals.

Season Finals format has been a great success, allowing great matches with a real diversity in terms of factions. That being said, it does not mean the format will be exactly the same for the World Championship. There is room for improvement, and we want to focus on it before confirming the final format.

Our first focus will be on the confirmation of the list of Supported Competition for 2024, so admins can dive into the organization of their competitions and communicate about it. Then, our objective will be to finalize the format and the date of the 2024 World Championship. 2024 is going to be a busy year for the competitive scene of Blood Bowl 3!

We hope that you are as excited as we are. We have a lot to do, and obviously, this is only about the competition side of the game. We will also come back to you soon with more information about the 2024 roadmap for the game. New seasons are to come, with new factions, features and content.

We would like to conclude this note with a heartfelt thank you to the community for their support during the Season Finals. Your implication and kind words during the event meant a lot to us, and we are even more determined to deliver the best possible event in the future.

The Blood Bowl 3 Team


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