SEASON 3 – main new features

Hi Coaches,

After 3 months, it’s time for the Underworld Denizens to step out of the spotlight and make way for a new faction to take center stage.

You’ll have to wait until 5pm GMT for the official Season 3 Trailer and server opening to know which faction it is, but we can hardly contain our excitement.

But that’s not all Season 3 will bring.

Later today, you can expect a detailed patch note unveiling every little change. However, let’s focus on the main highlight of Season 3 right now:

The New Faction
Yes, you already know, but we have to start with this. A new Faction will come and shake things up, offering more gameplay option and maybe shaken the meta a bit, either in friendly or for the Ladder. We can’t wait to see how it will perform. It comes with a Blood Pass, just like Season 2. You can unlock it instantly with Warpstone or by completing the free version of the Blood Pass.

New TV Cap
We’re adjusting the TV Cap once more, lowering it from 2000 to 1800 with the objective to provide a better team diversity on the ladder and better balance. We may continue to modify the TV cap from season to season.

New Concede system
We’ve implemented a new concede system to prevent concede abuse, featuring varying levels of penalties. With this, we aim to encourage more games to reach completion. It is one of this time when we did something specific for the videogame but we believe it’s in the game best interest.

Reworked Inducement UI
We redesigned the inducement screens to better reflect the new way it works (ordering and spending limitations) and to provide more information about the opponent. We believe this will facilitate comprehension and make BB3 more intuitive. We can’t wait to read your feedback about it.

Skill Icons
We also reworked several skill icons that were too similar or not representative enough (juggernaut, stand firm, dirty player, dauntless, shadowing, disturbing presence). It’s also part of the overall improvement that step by step enhances the quality of life.

Stats Screen
More stats! We all love stats, but that is even more true in Blood Bowl 3. We want to provide coaches with all the stats that matter and can help you improve, or simply for the pleasure of seeing how good you are! The statistics of teams, players, and your rolls at the end of the match are available.

New Star Players
Some very well known Blood Bowl icons are joining the rank of the star players: Grim Ironjaw, Horkon Hearripper, Bryce Cambuel and Ivan Deathshroud.

Multiple Blocks
Last but not least, we added the last of the missing skills: Multiple Block. Skills are now complete!

That’s enough for now. We’re also gearing up for our next Dev Point, which will focus on something crucial for 2024 and something we hope will get you very excited: the Competitive scene!

See you on the pitch!


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