Patch note

Ingame Shop

Lizardmen are now available in the ingame Shop

Menu Enhancements

Fixed an issue that could prevent using pagination system when using a controller in the Activities menus
Fixed an issue that could result in a loss of focus when using a controller during a competition creation
Various minor visual UI improvements
Fixed an issue allowing to queue multiple times with some specific controller or keyboard interactions in the competition menu that could result in auto-conceding the first match joined
Fixed some players having the wrong skill categories in the Recruitment tab
Added the competitions joined by a Manager in the Activities tab

Match Improvements

Fixed Sneaky Git skill allowing to move after performing a Foul action
Fixed a localization issue regarding Swarming dice log entries
Fixed an issue leading to an unresponsive state during a pass interception
Fixed a rare crash that could occur when reconnecting to or spectating a game during a Star Player activation
Fixed an issue leading to an unresponsive state in some Dump Off skill interactions
Fixed an issue displaying the end of timer red animations before the actual final seconds of available time bank
Fixed an issue with distinctive team colors feature being reversed in Campaign matches
Improved and added dice log entries for Stiletto, Knuckle dusters, Bad habits and Greasy cleats Prayers to Nuffle
Fixed 3D dice sometimes not spawning at the correct height when standing up a player
Fixed an issue that could make cursor disappear when double-clicking outside the wheel in directional mode


Journeymen are now correctly accounted for in the maximum TV cap when trying to join an official ladder match
Added a new error message when trying to launch a match in a competition that ended while on the Overview tab
Fixed a navigation issue when evoking pause menu during a tutorial step failure and the Save Formation in-match pop-up with a controller
Added save points in offline mode when creating, deleting or registering in a competition


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