Hi Coaches

As you may recall from our recent Dev Point (you can find it here: (, we have introduced a significant change aimed at enhancing the competitive balance within the Official Ladder. In Season 2, we have implemented a TV (Team Value) limit for participating teams.

This decision was made with the goal of fostering a fairer playing field and placing a greater emphasis on skill over playtime. This change will also reduce the TV disparity amongst the Official ladder, ensuring overall reduced queuing time for all divisions.

We understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all TV limit that suits every team, so we tried to chose the number that would fit, in our opinion, most types of players. which is why we have settled on a limit of 

2000 TV for this season.

We want to stress that this limit is not set in stone. In fact, we are open to adjusting it in the future to keep things fresh and exciting. Each season could potentially bring a new TV limit to shake things up and keep the competition dynamic.

We greatly appreciate your involvement, and together, we can ensure a thrilling and balanced competition in Blood Bowl 3.


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