What is blood bowl?

Brutal, crazy, tactical…

Blood Bowl is an explosive cocktail of American football, turn-based tactics, and the heroic fantasy world of Warhammer. After discovering the sport over 100 years ago, the races of the Old World have fallen in love with the sacred sport of the god Nuffle and have completely stopped warring with each other. The idea behind these competitions is simple: two teams of 11 players face each other in ruthless matches in which murder, mutilation, cheating, corruption, sorcery and divine intervention are all fair game and cheered by the spectators.



NOT EVERYTHING IS PLAYED ON THE PITCH Off the pitch, coaches must navigate a variety of challenges, including team finances, player injuries, and skill development. After matches, you’ll need to handle the aftermath, dealing with injuries and casualties, which may require hiring new players to maintain a competitive roster. Team finances become crucial as you balance the cost of player salaries, facilities, and team re-rolls, often making tough decisions to stay within budget. Skill development is another critical aspect, as players gain experience points that can be used to acquire new skills or improve existing ones, allowing for a more tailored and effective team strategy. Effective management between games is essential for sustained success in the brutal and unpredictable world of Blood Bowl.
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